The meta-universe lacking the underlying architecture of the blockchain has no soul

Why can blockchain technology become the underlying architecture of Metaverse?

1. Data confirmation. The immutability, openness, transparency, traceability, and distributed accounting characteristics of the blockchain enable the effective confirmation of massive amounts of data, which in turn provides effective support for the assetization of data;

2. Programmable society. The smart contract of the blockchain provides a program script that can be automatically executed. The program automatically triggers the execution conditions according to the code, which not only ensures that all interactive behaviors in the blockchain decentralized environment are credible, but also currency The programming of the system, the financial system and even the future complex social system has laid the foundation. When currency, finance, and even society evolve in the direction of programming, a complete meta-universe society based on the blockchain architecture may become a reality;

Third, everything is on the chain. The NFT of the blockchain provides an effective solution for mapping all real assets to the chain. Users can NFT real assets through NFT casting standards such as ERC721, thereby realizing the connection and convergence of the real and virtual worlds. Moreover, NFT also allows blockchain technology to break the circle and continuously extend scenes to the real world of art circles, architecture circles, and entertainment circles, which can accelerate the integration of the real world and the virtual world.

4. Economic system. The Token pass model of the blockchain creates the possibility of an independent closed-loop economic system for the virtual world. Token’s distribution model and governance mechanism based on rewards and punishments can incentivize early ecological developers to contribute codes and products, and at the same time, it can continue to operate the ecological market. Growth provides huge community protection. An excellent Token economic model can solve the problem of early product financing and provide talent, technology, and operational support for the later product development. This undoubtedly has the meaning of progress across the age in the highly involved entrepreneurial environment in the real world.

5. Combinable economic forms. The open source and open programming basis of the blockchain makes it a composable economic form. This makes the development of blockchain in DeFi and NFT like the Cambrian outbreak, rapidly deriving all kinds of product forms based on the composability of its market, and providing a steady stream of innovative factors for the market to grow and grow.

It is not difficult to see that to build a mature meta-universe society, the most indispensable is the underlying blockchain technology. Some people may regard VR virtual scenes with highly advanced hardware equipment as meta-universe, and some people have greater expectations for the chemical reaction of meta-universe industry that will be set off by Internet giants such as Facebook, but the fact is already doomed. The meta-universe at the bottom of the technology has no soul. Maybe it can be a usage scenario or a large-scale game, but it cannot constitute an immersive meta-universe society.

The blockchain-based meta-universe social form contains many possibilities

At this point, everyone must be very curious, what is the current state of the development of the blockchain-based meta-universe society? Next, the Aibei Research Institute will let everyone see the various meta-universe gameplays that have been derived so far and the possibility of their future evolution from various aspects such as the infrastructure, applications and evolutionary forms that constitute the meta-universe.

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Pacific is an integrated platform for decentralized NFT market and Metaverse/GameFi assets.