The DAO of the Future: How the DAO’s Development Road Will Look in 2022

In late 2021, many investors looked to DAOs as they looked ahead to market opportunities for the next year. As a native concept of the decentralized world, DAO can be divided into two parts: infrastructure and application.

The infrastructure provides developers and users with basic tools such as identity authentication, communication tools, and fund management, which are key elements for developers to build DAOs.

On the application side, DAO can exist in any form, and its decentralized nature makes it compatible with many forms of innovation: investment, donation, crowdfunding, social networking, media, etc. Driven by innovators, this new form of organization is slowly changing every aspect of the decentralized world.

In 2016, the hacker attack cost the newly established The DAO more than 70 million US dollars. The innovation of blockchain applications requires sound code and a stable ecology as the foundation. As the completeness of smart contracts is gradually improving, the DAO infrastructure is gradually maturing.

“2020 will be DeFi, 2021 will be NFTs, and 2022 will be the year of DAOs,” Messari wrote in their annual report . Whether it is DAO infrastructure or decentralized applications based on DAO organizations, we believe that DAO will have a lot of room for improvement.

In the new year, various innovations emerge one after another. However, in practical applications, the governance of DAOs will still exist: inefficiency in decision-making, vague goals, and conflicting developers. Obviously, what the community needs is the DAO’s promotion of the protocol, not a gimmick.

For a long time in the future, developers and users may have to face the problems caused by DAO governance, and we will see problems appear, rectify, and reappear. The company system was gradually completed after more than 100 years of existence, and the exploration of the governance system requires a long time to evolve.

From DeFi, NFT to GameFi, the decentralized world is increasingly looking forward to Web 3.0. With the continuous innovation of DAO’s “Lego building blocks”, the foundation of decentralized governance has gradually stabilized.

We can see that DAOs have begun to cooperate between application protocols: in the DeFI ecosystem that emphasizes combination, protocols such as lending, trading, and asset management cooperate with DAOs, through token protection, governance voting, liquidity Sexual guidance and other methods to build an ecosystem on the chain to capture revenue.

In an open environment, the DeFi ecosystem has changed from point to point, and DAO has contributed to this. In the past few years, the popularity of blockchain technology has slowly changed the world order. I believe that with the joint efforts of all, the development of DAO will be more diverse.

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Pacific is a decentralized NFT marketplace and an integrated platform for metaverse/GameFi assets. The project has received endorsement from some of the most eminent institutions and investors, including the Web3.0 Foundation, NGC,, Krypital Group, PAKA, Candaq etc.

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Pacific is an integrated platform for decentralized NFT market and Metaverse/GameFi assets.