The advantages of chain reform over traditional games

In order to become a chain game, assets need to be on the chain. Assets on the chain means that assets can be traded and circulated freely on the chain. In traditional mobile games, general assets are bound to accounts and cannot be freely circulated to ensure players. The funds spent are recharged to the project party rather than other players.

After the free circulation of assets is opened, player output will inevitably form a negative premium relative to official sales, official revenue will be cut, and part of the revenue will go to productive players, forming a P2E cycle in the game. This part of the P2E income ceiling should be the official selling price of the same resource. When the price of the resource sold by the player is equal to the official selling price, the P2E income reaches the upper limit.

In traditional games, there is no chain modification, and the main means of maintaining vitality is to stimulate players’ consumption and prolong the income period through operations such as opening new server and closing areas. However, the final income of the game economic system is imported to the project side, and some players lose the power of krypton gold or choose to spend only time. The high probability of exit of this part of players is permanent, and eventually the new game or background narrative will weaken, and no new players will enter the game and go to the end of their lives.

After such games are imported into the chain, NFTs and Tokens will definitely exist. If the acquisition model of NFTs and Tokens is linked to the in-game competition model, it will improve the incentives of competition, increase user stickiness from the economic interests, and reduce the passing of players. speed.

Because the economic model of the chain reform game itself must include a competition model, the risk of importing Token into this competition model is low, and the system of Token and the game itself is no longer isolated, which can stimulate players to participate in competition.

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Pacific is an integrated platform for decentralized NFT market and Metaverse/GameFi assets.