Talking about the attention economy of NFT(part 2 )

Then briefly talk about Loot, which adopts a “bottom-up” operation method. This NFT project that once had high hopes for an on-chain Metaverse seed, after it ushered in the peak period of short-term attention, began a long bubble squeeze. process.

Dom Hofmann, the founder of Loot, stepped down from the role of project leader after releasing this work, but handed it over to the community, letting the community decide the future of this IP.

But what we are seeing is that a large number of low-quality projects have dissipated the attention that this IP attracted in the early stage, and although Lootverse ecological projects such as hyperloot and Realms have recently improved greatly, they are currently showing. It’s just an avatar and a map, so the attention it attracts is also very limited.

To take these two examples, one is to re-emphasize the importance of the attention economy, and the other is to compare the advantages and disadvantages of centralized and decentralized operations.

Of course, NFTs that adopt the “bottom-up” construction method also have their own advantages, that is, the anti-fragility advantage of decentralized systems.

And for NFT blue-chips like Boring Ape, once they lose the support of Yuga labs, the growth of the entire ecosystem will likely fall into a state of stagnation, which is the impact of dependence.

In general, the “top-down” approach is more suitable for short- and medium-term operations, while the “bottom-up” approach is more suitable for later-stage operations.

If a decentralization method is adopted too early to develop an NFT, it needs to rely on ecological participants to build it, which is very uncertain.

A new way to increase short-term NTF attention: FloorDAO

In addition to some of the operational means and methods that affect NFT attention mentioned above, there is also a floor DAO protocol called FloorDAO that can focus on NFT attention in the short term, which aims to earn money through NFT market making and other strategies income.

Judging from the results of its latest voting, two “cute” NFT avatar projects, tubby cats and MiladyMaker, have become the latest beneficiaries, and the floor prices of these two NFT projects have soared rapidly in recent days.

This is one application of the attention economy.

Of course, the next development of these NFTs will ultimately depend on whether they can continue to attract more attention.

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Pacific is an integrated platform for decentralized NFT market and Metaverse/GameFi assets.