Prospects for future GameFi projects

From the time dimension,

  • In the short term (1 to 5 years), the game will be financialized or the props/equipment in the game will be capitalized, and the combination of GameFi + DeFi will be born; in addition, the user base of Internet games is huge, with the participation of more key industry institutions , will attract more non-encrypted users to enter and further expand GameFi’s market;

What attracts Internet users the most is the Play to earn mode; the chain reform mode allows users to quickly familiarize themselves with the differences and innovations of blockchain games on the premise that the game is playable; although 3A masterpiece games require more time to conceive and develop creation.

But it presents a grander narrative and a sense of delicacy; the most anticipated are games that include creative NFT/IP. Once this mode is entered, a game project can no longer restrict the flow of NFTs, and can even collide with more GameFi This is also the direction GameFi needs to think and research in the future.

Overall, GameFi is just beginning to gain mainstream market attention, not to mention the possibility that the huge user base of the traditional game market will turn to blockchain games in the future, the success of Axie Infinity is a good demonstration of the growth of this market, guild The addition of DAO also injects more resources and benefits distribution methods into this track.

No matter which mode it is, if you want the game to be favored by more users, it is not only necessary to improve the playability of the game itself, but also to consider the design of the economic model, as well as lowering the threshold for user participation while still gaining benefits. This is The most essential difference between GameFi and traditional online games.

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Pacific is a decentralized NFT marketplace and an integrated platform for metaverse/GameFi assets. The project has received endorsement from some of the most eminent institutions and investors, including the Web3.0 Foundation, NGC,, Krypital Group, PAKA, Candaq etc.

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Pacific is an integrated platform for decentralized NFT market and Metaverse/GameFi assets.