Overload and Desensitization of the Metaverse

By stripping away the demonstrable idealizations that endow the Metaverse, and confronting the inevitable tendencies of the Metaverse, it may be possible to get closer to the Metaverse itself. The Metaverse relying on augmented reality technology will more or less enhance the user’s perception in it, which is attractive to a considerable number of people, but it is also worth being vigilant.

A large number of film and television works try to simulate the Metaverse in the works, and try to hypothesize the impact that a virtual game space with a high sense of experience may have on people in reality. In “The Undead of Baker Street”, Conan and a large number of partners are invited to enter the VR game “Cocoon”, a super immersive experience of a heterogeneous world. Teenagers are in it, facing murder suspects, holding guns, and even if they have full perception, they are still in the game. Shoot without hesitation — that has to be vigilant. It is not to criticize the game and make it a platform for moral preaching, but any product that is open to all human beings should have its most basic social responsibility after all. If at this stage, the game is still a low-experience-density virtual space that is completely different from the real world, then, when the Metaverse comes, will there be such a clear distinction between them? At that time, would people be confused? If confused, what will be the result?

In this regard, some film and television dramas have tried to respond. In “The Matrix”, the Illuminati constantly asks the protagonist questions, and the deep immersion of the integrated senses makes the boundary between the real and the illusory infinitely blurred. Those who leave the Metaverse and enter the real world first feel confusion, and don’t know what “self” is. It is very clear; in “Psycho-Measurer”, each Metaverse resident has his own character setting, and some of these residents have attracted a large number of fans in social interactions. This is of course an extremely rare case, but what is even more thought-provoking is that since the real frenzy is also spreading in the cyberspace, whether the indifference to violence in cyberspace will Contagion in the real world? If we have the same understanding and feeling with the real world, will the ecstasy in the Metaverse be indulged for entertainment to be transmitted to reality?

Perhaps, the more core question is, do people need a Metaverse that can fully immerse all senses? In fact, in today’s game industry, on the one hand, it explores in immersive experience, and on the other hand, it expands its dimensions in lightweight games: deep participation is not the only dimension, and convenient and quick separation is also the same for a considerable number of game players. important. The never-ending full experience is very likely to bring desensitization and fatigue, and the excess of concrete information may also deprive people of their imagination in the face of blankness.

Not all game lovers will be close to the Metaverse, and not all Metaverse supporters will never tire of it. It’s fascinating to be fully committed to another life, but there are always those moments when we want to observe more than to participate; we want to witness more than to participate; we want to listen to a story with less commitment than to experience. Stories; we need some white space to let our imagination run wild, rather than an overload of information.

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Pacific is an integrated platform for decentralized NFT market and Metaverse/GameFi assets.