NFT for Content Creators

An NFT is a unique digital asset that is stored on a blockchain.

The types of NFTs include art, music, video game pieces, GIFs, memes, collectibles, etc.

NFTs enable creators to have control of their content and monetize it.

However, the utility of an NFT is highly unstable because it depends on buyer demands.

You can invest in NFT using your cryptocurrency wallet.

Cryptocurrency tokens that exist on blockchain networks such as BTC, ETH, DOGE enable trade, i.e., they are “fungible.” They can be exchanged, bought, and sold at a high value. But there is another type of token, and this one does not facilitate trade, i.e., it is “non-fungible.”

It is referred to as NFT.

What is an NFT?
An NFT, an acronym for a non-fungible token, is a distinctive personal digital asset that denotes ownership. It is accessible publicly and is stored on a blockchain network.
There is a myriad of digital content in supply, all of which can be copied and traded. An NFT is the original digital content that was created.
NFT can represent any form of a digital asset. It depicts the content itself and the right to own it, and a right that is backed publicly on the blockchain. NFTs come in different types, as denoted below.

Types of NFTs
NFTs are simply digital assets. Therefore, they take different forms, but ultimately they are all the same.

These are the major types of NFTs:

Music has been a fungible token; it has been bought and sold for money.

It involved record labels distributing the said music via cassettes, CDs, and digital formats. Through this medium, some middlemen profited from the musician’s work.

Today, musicians can directly sell their music as NFT to their audience, and this gives the musician 100% control and profit over their work.

Visual Art
The biggest challenge for visual artists is getting their art exhibited in galleries and getting paid for it.

With NFT, they can digitally upload their art, retain control, and sell it online. The most expensive NFTs today are artworks, proof of their immense value.

Video game items
Each video game has a special collectible that makes playing it enjoyable. In-game content such as characters and skins can now be purchased as NFTs by users.

Unlike traditional games, where any in-app purchase can become null once you stop playing, with NFTs, your in-game purchases will always remain accessible.

Memes can also be traded as NFTs. Often, they are sold by the person who’s the meme.

One of the most popular memes is “Disaster Girl,” a meme of Zoe Roth, who made almost $500,000 off selling it.

Collectibles range from various valuable items, such as sport, games, music, etc. Anyone can be a collector, and anything can be a collectible as an NFT.

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