Inventory of the top ten applications of the Metaverse(Part 2)


Economist Professor ryne, when talking about the application of the Metaverse, said that the biggest potential field of the Metaverse is education. The English word for “university” is university, and the word itself has the meaning of the universe. There is a natural parallelism and coverage between the Metaverse and education. Humanity has entered the historical stage of “life is study, study is life”, and the Metaverse provides the largest space and the best technological foundation. For example, the Open University is suitable to be carried out in the Metaverse, so that all people are no longer bound to the campus.

Metaverse classrooms are imaginative, and teachers in traditional classrooms are no longer bound by classrooms and existing teaching aids. The graphs and formulas in the mathematics classroom can be continuously combined and changed in the geometric space, and the process of the creation and development of the universe can be experienced one by one. Students can even watch the rise and fall of dynasties with historical figures such as Qin Shihuang.

Yuanyu 5 Universe makes learning easier and more fun. Entering the Metaverse, teaching no longer depends on space-time conditions and real equipment, the problem of lack and imbalance of educational resources has been improved, and various creative classrooms can be stimulated, and the teaching effect will be improved in quality and quantity.


Tourism will be another important application of the Metaverse. Traditional travel methods are always overcrowded, and time and space hinder people from exploring famous landscapes and relics around the world. The 3D image of the space is captured digitally and put into the cloud for display. Tourists only need to wear VR glasses to have a “just go” trip. Various explanations and simulation-style interactions are even more important. Help tourists have an immersive experience that goes beyond reality travel.

Matterport, a company specializing in 3D framing, has launched five major Egyptian relics through VR technology. Once launched, it has been deeply loved by everyone. Without the need to cross borders, tourists can immersely visit the Egyptian relics and learn about the historical allusions. In addition, the Disney CEO said that the Metaverse is Disney’s future. Disney may indeed be the “happiest place” in the Metaverse when visitors visit a virtual reality version of Disneyland to be able to talk, dance and play digitally with various Disney characters.


Virtual concerts in the Metaverse have opened up a whole new way for fans to chase stars. In traditional concerts, fans have limited viewing vision and a single way of interacting with idols. The concert in the Metaverse breaks through physical limitations, and the singer’s costumes, props and stage effects are ever-changing. Fans can set up virtual avatars to participate and interact closely with singers or idols. NFT-based performance tickets, virtual props, digital peripherals, etc. can also satisfy fans’ imaginations.

Epic’s “Fortnite” game has several impressive virtual concerts. Famous pop singer Travis Scott “raged” everywhere in the concert with the size of a skyscraper, and more than 12 million players around the world participated at the same time.Fans bounced and floated in the weightlessness of the stage during the famous DJ Marshmello concert, and pop diva Ariana Grande opened with a surf on the Rainbow Circuit. Rapper Lil Nas X’s concert on “Roblox” attracted more than 30 million fans. Fans can also purchase Lil Nas X’s digital goods such as digital doubles, commemorative goods and emoticons in the digital store.


Metaverse introduces wireless communication technology, AI, chips, etc., to create a home fitness platform entrance.Metaverse Gym supports users to use fragmented time to exercise anytime, anywhere, interact with coaches online through somatosensory equipment and detection indicators, and support virtual identity to join virtual communities, PK and communicate with fitness enthusiasts, and a fitness scene full of technology has appeared.

Mirror is known as the world’s first company to provide “invisible” home fitness solutions. It has launched a fitness mirror equipped with an embedded camera and speaker, which becomes an interactive mirror display when turned on, supporting fitness trainers to “face-to-face” instructing asanas. And feedback the user’s exercise status at any time, such as viewing calorie consumption and other related data. FITURE, another fitness “magic mirror”, combines high-precision AI sensors to capture the user’s movement trajectory, ensures the standardization of training movements, intelligently recognizes error correction guidance, and can also systematically book one-to-one coaching services. More holographic digital fitness experiences are being explored.


The combination of the Metaverse and the movie produces a virtual immersive theater, which takes the immersive feeling of movie watching to a new level. The visual experience of 2D and 3D in traditional theaters can no longer satisfy the public. Creating an immersive theater with multiple participants through the virtual world will enhance the audience’s experience. In the world depicted by film and television, feeling the wind and rain, speed and passion, the audience is no longer passively consuming the film content, but becomes a bystander and plays a role in it.

The virtual reality cinema has appeared. Different from the traditional film form, the audience is no longer sitting in a dark room and staring at the front. The VR cinema is full of swivel chairs. Each swivel chair is equipped with VR glasses and headsets, so that the audience can feel immersed. and explore movies. In addition, 4D motion theaters have already appeared, and special effects such as vibration, falling, blowing, water spraying, and scratching will appear with the movie, and effects such as smoke, rain, photoelectricity, and bubbles will also bring an immersive experience. This visual, auditory, tactile effect All-round sensations such as the sense of smell and the sense of smell will further develop rapidly under the popularity of the Metaverse.

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