Inventory of the top ten applications of the Metaverse(Part 1)

The Metaverse redefines the relationship between people and space. Technologies such as AR, VR, cloud computing, 5G, and blockchain have built a channel to the Metaverse, created an interactive way of integrating virtual and reality, and are changing and subverting us. life. At present, many applications of the Metaverse have been implemented. This article has listed the top ten applications of the Metaverse, leading readers to experience the changes that are coming quietly around them. The future of the Metaverse has come, but everything is just the beginning.


Meta (former Facebook) CEO Mark Zuckerberg said of the Metaverse that what the Metaverse broadly helps people experience is a sense of presence that makes our interactions more natural. Many of the meetings we have today are looking at the grid of faces on the screen. But we’re used to being in the same room and having a sense of space, and if you’re sitting on my right then that means I’m sitting on your left. In the future, you can sit on my couch like a hologram instead of just doing it over the phone.

Remote work has become more common under the influence of the new crown epidemic, but traditional remote work still faces some problems, such as lack of real-time interaction and low communication efficiency. The Metaverse enables virtual offices to be conducted in a “face-to-face” interaction. Google launched the “Project Starline” program, which aims to 3D remote interaction, where participants can observe chat objects from different angles and make physical or eye contact. Facebook has launched Horizon Workrooms, a remote collaboration tool that allows colleagues wearing VR devices to meet face-to-face in the same virtual conference room, breaking the screen.


Under the influence of the new crown epidemic, many problems have arisen in the rally, most of which have been cancelled, and the way of participating in the meeting with masks and keeping a distance has greatly affected the sense of participation in the rally. Gatherings in the Metaverse will be 3D immersive thanks to virtual and augmented reality.Participants appeared in virtual images, gathered together, and could communicate with each other to enhance the sense of participation in the meeting under the epidemic. At present, many academic lectures, graduation ceremonies and other gatherings are held in the form of the Metaverse.

ACAI, one of the world’s top AI academic conferences, will hold the 2020 seminar on Nintendo’s “Animal Crossing Club”. The 7th China Virtual Reality Industry-University-Research Conference (CVRVT 2021) will be held in Metaverse in the form of a Metaverse Exhibition. space held.

UC Berkeley, Communication University of China and other colleges and universities were unable to hold offline gatherings due to the epidemic, and instead held virtual graduation ceremonies for students in the sandbox game Minecraft (Minecraft).


Games exist as virtual electronic forms, which naturally have a very strong mutual attraction with the concept of the Metaverse. The Metaverse brings the realism of real life into the game. The equipment and game coins in the virtual game are all “real money”. Players can build their own territory in the game at will, and even change them by holding game tokens. The mode of the game and the direction of the future.

A pet trading and fighting game called Axie Infinity kicks off a Play-to-Earn model, allowing rural Filipinos to earn money in-game, helping the massive unemployed during the pandemic. Decentraland is a 3D virtual reality platform. The land within the platform is used as a virtual asset to support the owner to build at will. Real-life buildings are being moved into this platform, such as casinos, financial centers and shopping malls. Roblox is a massively multiplayer online sandbox game creation platform that returns the right to build games to users, allowing players to design their own items and create a variety of different types of games.

production workshop

Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang said in an interview on “Mad Money” that companies can rely on the Metaverse to reduce cost waste and improve operational efficiency. “We waste a lot of stuff to compensate for the fact that we don’t simulate. We want to simulate factories in the Metaverse, simulate plants, simulate power grids in the real world. That way, we can reduce waste, which is what businesses will do because of The reason for the economic gain from the Metaverse. They would be willing to buy this AI capability and save billions of dollars.”

Omniverse is an open platform developed by NVIDIA for virtual collaboration and real-time realistic simulation. Currently, the BMW Group integrates a range of planning data and applications using the virtual factory provided by the Omniverse platform, enabling real-time collaboration and unlimited compatibility. “By being able to operate in a perfect simulation environment, BMW’s planning process will be completely changed,” said Milan Nedeljković, Director of the Board of Management of BMW AG. He said the use of Omniverse is expected to increase BMW’s production planning efficiency by 30 percent.

The Metaverse production workshop improves the precision, speed, cost savings and efficiency of factory design and production. As Jen-Hsun Huang said, “The future of manufacturing is to virtually design, plan and operate their factory of the future before building anything in the physical world.”



Technologies such as VR, AR and digital simulation reconstruct online e-commerce scenarios, and the application of Metaverse in retail is also foreseeable. Shopping malls can be created in the Metaverse, and purchases can be completed in a game-like experience with the simple operation of placing an order with one click. In addition, the Metaverse is able to move away from the form and function of physical stores, and more imaginative digital shopping experiences are being developed.

Immersive technology provides better space and carrier for retail e-commerce scenarios, and is upgrading customers’ consumption experience. Gucci has partnered with Roblox to launch “The Gucci Garden Experience”, a virtual exhibition where players can view the exhibition and purchase virtual items. Tmall launched the 3D version of Tmall Home Improvement City, providing consumers with a 360° presentation of furniture decoration effects, helping users browse different styles of decoration design and decision-making. With the pandemic preventing consumers from frequenting beauty counters, L’Oréal is now promoting Modiface AR technology to help customers try makeup, such as lipstick shades and hair color, through their phone’s camera.


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