Everything You Need to Know about GameFi

What is GameFi?

There are many new words in the blockchain industry everyday, and the recent frequent emergence of GameFi has attracted lots of attention. Actually, GameFi is a compound word of Game and Finance, which operating on a “Play-to-Earn” model. It is a hybrid of decentralized finance (DeFi) and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) based on blockchain technology.

What Can GameFi Bring to Us?

Investment opportunities. As we know, gaming grew rapidly during the pandemic, and game investments and acquisitions have seen a bullish breakout as well. Lots of new Fund and projects believes that GameFi concept has the potential to completely transform gaming business models.

Value of game. What we are talking about now is not only the surprising phenomenon, With advanced blockchain technology in the future, we believe GameFi will bring about more value to player and developer within chain games.

Rewards. The newly GameFi model has offered money incentives to players who could earn a quite good income by playing games.

What Are P2E Games?

Maybe you have heard of B2B、P2P, but what is P2E?

P2E is an abbreviation form of Play-to-Earn. It is a business model that only innovated recently. In the P2E universe, people believes that players are valuable participants for the gaming ecosystem, and deserved to be rewarded in the form of tokens and NFTs and so on for bringing value to the gaming metaverse.

The Ecosystem of GameFi

It provides a platform for players, investors, and traders to share the benefits offered by innovation, cooperation.

What GameFi Can Developed in the Future?

The world is changing in a speed that we can only imagine in science fiction, and GameFi will surely leading the way.

The kind of game is based on digital development, which is closest to the landing of the blockchain. That is to say GameFi is just the beginning of Metaverse. Along with the development of AR、VR、AI、Robot、5G and so on, maybe we could live in a Parallel world just like the movie Ready Player One in the future.

About Pacific

Pacific is a decentralized NFT marketplace and an integrated platform for metaverse/GameFi assets. The project has received endorsement from some of the most eminent institutions and investors, including the Web3.0 Foundation, NGC, Gate.io, Krypital Group, PAKA, Candaq etc.

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Pacific is an integrated platform for decentralized NFT market and Metaverse/GameFi assets.